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We feel so fortunate to have found Lois! She got us an amazing house in an incredibly tough market. Lois is professional, proactive, thorough, detail oriented, and incredibly knowledgeable.  Lois is phenomenal!

- Brad

This was our first time home buying experience and she made the process, in a hot sellers market, really smooth. The best part is she genuinely cares about you, the house you get and your experience all along the way. She is even a great teacher when it comes to looking for a good area, what to watch out for and look at during showings, and ways to frame a competitive offer…You honestly cannot go wrong with Lois, we HIGHLY recommend her!

- Gary

I am happy to say Lois has been our go-to gal for years! She has represented us and other family members buying and selling 8 times, 4 of those times for us. She is extremely knowledgeable of the market ... She can advise you on things to do to your current home to get it ready to sell and she will only do the right thing no matter what.

- Patti

Lois is exceptional! We were only successful in landing our dream home because of her knowledge, prompt communication, and honesty. We cannot recommend Lois enough!

- Sam

Lois was fantastic! We can't recommend her highly enough! She was able to help us to both find a home and sell our townhouse quickly and for a great price. Took all the stress out of the process.

- Eric

We worked with Lois back in 2017 when we purchased our first home and when we decided to sell that same home, we immediately called Lois to update her on our plans. She did NOT disappoint. She sold our house for exponentially more than we ever could have imagined, and the process was smooth from start to finish.  We will never use - or recommend - anyone else. Lois is the best!!

- Alex

Lois will not let you buy a bad house! My husband and I had an outstanding experience working with her. Lois is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Lois would point out aspects of a property that could negatively affect the value of a home. She is very in tune to location and resale value; you can rest easy and know that you are buying a house with desirable features. Lois can also tell if a home has been well-maintained and will point out where corners have been cut in order to keep you educated on your home purchase. You will not be in the dark. Lois has great vision. This is very helpful to the buyer, as it can be difficult to picture yourself buying someone else’s home. Lois has undertaken several home renovations herself. With such experience, Lois can help you see what can be re-done in a home in order to help make it your own. My husband and I chose to buy older construction, and with Lois’s help, we have been able to plan our renovations and get in contact with trusted painters and contractors. Lois is ALWAYS on your side. Once you place an offer on a home, Lois will work tirelessly to make sure the home you’ve selected is adequately inspected. Lois not only scheduled our inspections but also was present at them. She was extremely organized and kept us informed of all the findings. Additionally, Lois helped to negotiate repairs with the seller’s agent, and she made sure we were not taken advantage of during the entire process. Buying a home can be a very stressful process. Lois minimizes the stress and makes the experience very enjoyable. Lois is realistic and will always present the facts, but she will not be pushy when it comes to you making the decision to purchase a home. My husband and I are so thankful for her and for all her hard work!

- L. Steddum

Lois was my realtor for both selling my house and buying a new build house. She is honest, trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable. She made listing a house with many imperfections seem easy and less stressful (and it sold within the first two days!) Lois walked us through the entire selling  process with ease and was knowledgeable about every little detail to adjust to increase the selling value. After closing on our old house, Lois then helped us through the process of building a new house. She advocated for us with the builders and negotiated to ensure we were getting our moneys worth. Her expertise when it comes to inspections was valuable beyond measure - eventually leading to the builder removing and repairing our entire roof on a brand new house! I would highly recommend Lois to any prospective home buyers/sellers in the triangle area.

- K. Kibler

My husband and I just purchased our first home, and if it wasn't for Lois, we'd still be sitting in our condo contemplating whether or not we should start looking for a house. We had been discussing buying a home for months, but I was very wary of finding a good realtor that we could trust and that  had our best interests in mind, as we are both young, did not personally know any realtors in the area, and were overwhelmed by the sheer number of realtors that turned up during a Google search. Long story short, we were referred to her by a close friend of ours and I cannot put into words how thankful I am that things worked out the way they did. As soon as we met her, we did not think twice about working with her, as it was apparent from the onset that Lois was professional, thorough, attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly, trustworthy. I have heard from many people that the home buying process is usually stressful, but we weren't stressed at all, and I attribute that to Lois. From start to finish, things went smoothly. She provided us with all of the information necessary to make informed decisions. She was unbiased and honest with us regarding potential imperfections in homes (she even caught that a bathroom renovation likely wasn't permitted because an air vent was missing, despite the seller having initially disclosed everything was permitted...turns out she was correct and the seller hadn't actually permitted it). She answered every single question we had and was more than willing to work with our very hectic schedules (my husband and I are in the same place one day a week). She also worked very hard for us during negotiations. She truly does have your best interests in mind, and she does everything she can to advocate and work for you. I cannot say enough good things about Lois and we will shamelessly be referring her to anyone we know that is looking to buy or sell a home.

- V. Pflueger

My husband and I were referred to Lois, as we started our journey on relocating to the Raleigh area from out-of-state. We were on a very tight timeline, and only had a few weeks to find our next home. Lois was the perfect match for us! Since we were unfamiliar with the area, we were completely  dependent on her for information, navigation, and searches. We could not have been more impressed! Lois is very professional, efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable! A straight shooter, right to the point- and my husband and I appreciated that! As a result, my husband and I were able to confidently make very informed decisions throughout every step of the buying process. Lois is definitely the realtor you want on your side! She knows ALL the right questions to ask and gets the answers you need and want as a buyer- no exceptions!

- J. McMullin

Lois has now assisted me with the purchase and sale of my first home. I hope to never have to use a different agent. Lois is honest, ethical, extremely knowledgeable, and works tirelessly on behalf of her clients. When providing me with advice, I frequently heard her apply the filter of "If my son  were in your situation, I would advise him...." Time and time again her recommendations have been on point, reflective of her knowledge of historical trends and the current market. She is as friendly and approachable as she is up front and direct - the exact qualities of an effective agent. You cannnot go wrong with Lois.

- L. Kowite

Lois was great! She knows the area, she was always easy to get in touch with, and she helped us find our dream home! Couldn't recommend her highly enough!

- J. Smith

We have worked with Lois on two homes sales and one home purchase in the Raleigh area. I would not consider using anyone else. Knowledgeable, personable, hard working, experienced and effective. She operated in our interests in a very businesslike manner. She doesn't pull any punches and gives you  her opinion. She knows experienced trades people as needed. We consider her a friend as much as a realtor. Lois Magee sets a high standard for other realtors.

- M. Rohlik

My husband and I recently purchased our first home and Lois came highly recommended by a family friend. We were not disappointed. We could not have found a more skilled, experienced, excellent guide in our home search. Lois went above and beyond throughout the entire process, from the initial  search to executing our offer, and went out of her way to ensure we understood every step. She was incredibly knowledgeable about both the geographical area of our home search, as well as our rights as buyers and the laws and regulations governing the purchase transaction. Lois made the daunting process of purchasing our first home very smooth and seamless. We are very grateful and would recommend her expert services to anyone. 

- A. Davis

Lois is simply the BEST! When we were considering selling our house, Lois came over and made some recommendations on what would help sell it fast and at the best possible price. We had multiple offers, all over list, and our house sold in one day. I doubt this would have been possible without  Lois's pre-listing advice. She also did a fantastic job during the negotiation and closing stage. Lois is an excellent communicator who always went above and beyond every step of the way! We will continue to use Lois in all our real estate transactions!

- A. Arthur

If you're looking for an agent that is very professional and attentive to all of your needs, you've found the perfect one! My husband and I had a fantastic experience working with Lois. Excellent communication and advanced real estate knowledge!!! She really goes above and beyond handling every  aspect of the process-leaving you completely at ease. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. 

- H. Hawthorne

My fiancé and I began our search for our first home wide-eyed and unprepared for the current red hot real estate market in Raleigh. However, working with Lois helped us to overcome our relative naivety in the home buying process and find us the perfect home in the area. Lois’ responsiveness,  patience and knowledge of the market were absolutely vital in our efforts to buy our first home. In a market that has exhibited consistent multi-bid home sales that go under contract in an instant, Lois’ patient approach helped us to navigate through a slew of listings and open houses before finding our dream home in the middle of our ideal price range. It was not uncommon to wake up to early AM emails from Lois with updates on our search before my morning coffee was even ready. She truly went above and beyond to keep us at ease during a stressful time in her efforts to contact the appropriate parties and respond back to our communication in an extremely prompt manner. I learned a great deal throughout our time working with Lois identifying the important aspects of a home that I never would have thought to look at myself. Her knowledge of the current dynamics of this market were vital when it came time to placing an offer on our home, as her creative approach to our offer helped us to secure a home, despite competing with nearly a dozen other bidders. I would recommend Lois to any prospective home buyer in the area, especially anyone new to the home buying process, and will be reaching back out to her down the road if the time comes to buy another home. 

- C. Antal

This was the first time my wife and I were buying a home. We couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable realtor, who helped guide us through every step of the process. Lois helped us find the best home in our price range and was able to work out an excellent deal for us. She always responded  quickly to our questions and concern and all of her referrals have worked out great for us.There's no one else I will trust more when it comes to making our next purchase. Great realtor all around!

- Brandon and Sari

As first time homebuyers new to the area, Lois helped put us at ease at once. She was able to guide us seamlessly through the home-buying process. Her knowledge of local home construction and materials was incredibly useful in steering us away from potentially bad investments. Not only that, but  her advice to have our roof inspected saved us tens of thousands of dollars! Lois was always incredibly responsive, via text, phone, or email. She explained everything throughout the process and was always available to answer even the most mundane questions, which was invaluable to us. Although buying a home is stressful, Lois helped make our experience smooth and enjoyable. I cannot say enough good things about Lois!

- Dustin and Amy

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